Marttiini Lapinleuku 245

Traditional wide-bladed Lapp-style knife with a finger guard.

Marttiini Lapinleuku 245 is a traditional, big and wide-bladed Lapp-style knife with a finger guard. Excellent for hunters, hikers or as a gift or a souvenir. The stainless steel blade has a been beautifully decorated in Lappish style. The finger guard makes the knife safer to use. Length of blade: 11 cm Total length: 22 cm Blade material: stainless steel Handle material: curly birch, varnished Sheath material: leather 3 year guarantee The word Leuku refers to this particular type of knife. Leuku-knives are equipped with a tip-heavy blade and are generally larger in size than other Nordic everyday knives Handles made of synthetic materials always look the same, but wood handles each have a unique grain pattern - this means the knife you receive will not match the product image 100%. Please note that we do not accept grain patterns as a reason for a product exchange. Marttiini knives produced after October 2023 are made in Estonia.

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