Lasting - Merino wool comfort for all situations

Lasting Merino wool apparel is perfect for backpacking, sports and general outdoor use. The material is comfortable even in moist conditions.

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WLS Merino
$ 8.78
Lasting WLS Merino
Liner socks with 70% Merino wool content
$ 9.67
$ 14.99
Lasting WSM
Warm Merino wool socks for cold conditions.
$ 53.14
Lasting Atila
Long sleeve Merino tee for women.
Moly Women's Jacket
$ 87.82
Lasting Moly Women's Jacket
A thicker Merino jacket for women.
Sova LJ
$ 35.40
Lasting Sova LJ
Very warm children's Merino wool long johns.
Tery Jacket
$ 96.69
Lasting Tery Jacket
A thicker Merino jacket for men.
$ 8.78
Lasting OLI
Trekking socks for hot weather.
Wasa Women's Pant
$ 70.88
Lasting Wasa Women's Pant
Women's wonderfully warm Merino wool long johns.
Mario Shirt
$ 53.14
Lasting Mario Shirt
Men's long sleeve Merino wool base layer shirt.
$ 44.26
Lasting Ataka
Women's Merino wool pants for all outdoor action!
$ 57.57
Lasting Wazol
Merino mix for men: Merino on the skin, synthetics on top for durability.
Nico Plus Windproof Boxer 160 G
$ 35.40
Lasting Nico Plus Windproof Boxer 160 G
Men's wind protected Merino wool boxers.
Atok Pants
$ 48.70
Lasting Atok Pants
Men's Merino wool base layer pants.
Alea T-shirt 160 G
$ 44.26
Lasting Alea T-shirt 160 G
A Merino wool tee for women, with great value for money.
Atar Shirt
$ 53.14
Lasting Atar Shirt
Men's long sleeve Merino wool base layer shirt.
Nomo Boxer
$ 30.97
Lasting Nomo Boxer
Merino wool boxers from Lasting.
$ 7.90
Lasting WDL
Thin and comfortable Merino mix socks.
SJE Kids Merino Socks
$ 7.90
Lasting SJE Kids Merino Socks
Children's Merino wool socks.
$ 7.90
Lasting SJW
Children's skiing and winter socks.
Beta Women's Boxers
$ 26.52
Lasting Beta Women's Boxers
Merino wool boxers for women, at a reasonable price.
$ 53.14
Lasting Walba
A seamless base layer shirt, made of lightweight Merino wool mix.
Soly Zip Neck
$ 39.83
Lasting Soly Zip Neck
Children's Merino shirt. Thick and warm!
Waly Woolen Merino Sweatshirt
$ 70.88
Lasting Waly Woolen Merino Sweatshirt
Merino wool mix top for women.
$ 15.88
Lasting SWI
Technical skiing socks with 70% Merino wool.
WAK Merino Balaclava
$ 16.08
$ 22.98
Lasting WAK Merino Balaclava
Multifunctional Merino wool balaclava.
SWH Merino Ski Knee Socks
$ 13.22
Lasting SWH Merino Ski Knee Socks
Long socks for winter sports.
Noro Boxers
$ 30.97
Lasting Noro Boxers
Merino wool boxers for men, at a reasonable price.
Mata Women Shirt
$ 53.14
Lasting Mata Women Shirt
Women's long sleeve Merino top for all kinds of outdoor action.
ROK Merino Gloves
$ 17.66
Lasting ROK Merino Gloves
Merino gloves for adults.
$ 8.78
$ 13.22
Lasting TXC
Thick and warm hiking socks.
$ 70.88
Lasting Wicy
Lasting's Wicy pants are made of thicker merino wool.
Molim Women's Merino Sweatshirt
$ 105.57
Lasting Molim Women's Merino Sweatshirt
A fantastically warm Merino sweater for women, with full length zipper.
Therm Jacket
$ 123.31
Lasting Therm Jacket
A warm Merino wool sweater for men.