Jack Wolfskin Real Dome Lite III

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Tgree-person dome tent, two vestibules and doors.

The Real Dome Lite has a double silicone treated fly. This treatment is extremely light weight, doesn’t separate from the fly unlike polyurethane, and it adds to the fabric’s UV resistance. The structure is strong in high winds. Two main poles create the basic shape, and an additional, vertical pole adds volume to the vestibules.

  • Three person shelter
  • Dome tent
  • Three season product
  • Aluminium poles, made by DAC
  • Inner tent measurements: 225 x 180 x 125 cm
  • Two ventilation slots at the top

This is a PFC-free product.

The manufacturer recommends sealing the seams with silicone. A suitable product for this is the Gear Aid Seam Sealer. Like in many silicone-treated tents, the seams are made with thread that expands when damp.

Product information

  • Aluminium poles
  • Dome
  • Packing size: 63 x 20 cm
  • Weight: 3110
  • Weight (minimum): 2910