Peltonen Knives Ranger Knife M95 With Black Leather Sheath

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A sturdy and reliable ranger knife from Finland.

Fiskars Sissipuukko M95 (Ranger knife, model 95) - A great choice when looking for a sturdier knife. The Teflon coated blade is easy to keep clean and doesn’t glitter in the sun. One of the best innovations of this knife is the sheath: it has a rubber roller and a rubber stop, which keep the knife well in their grip. Silent and safe to use! The sheath also has a double-riveted rest, giving your thumb a natural spot when taking the knife out. The blade is thicker than that of most Nordic puukko knives, and the knife has a sturdy general feel to it. Note! The sheath used to have a leather port for straps, but the current version doesn’t have it any more. Made in Finland Length: 28 cm Blade length: 15 cm Blade thickness: 4.25 mm Weight: 205g knife only, 312g total (with sheath) Blade hardness: HRC 58 The Finnish word “sissi” refers to both an army ranger/long range patrol man, and a guerrilla. We categorize this knife as a full tang knife despite the handle rubber reaching around the tang. It is extremely close to the rubber’s surface and this knife is just as rugged as “official” full tang knives.

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