Backpacking packs

A large backpack can swallow gear for unsupported expeditions and long range travels. If you have trouble choosing, don't hesitate to contact us - our staff is made up of outdoor experts who can tell you all about our products. With a large backpack it's crucial to carry as much of the weight as possible on your hips, which is why these large packs have adjustable back panel lengths.
6 products
Keb 72
$ 253.19
Fjällräven Keb 72
Weight 2750g.
Kajka 75 W
$ 295.52
Fjällräven Kajka 75 W
Weight 3300.0g.
Kajka 65 W
$ 278.59
Fjällräven Kajka 65 W
Weight 3200g.
Vyn 55
$ 143.10
Haglöfs Vyn 55
Weight 1800g.
Vyn 70
$ 160.04
Haglöfs Vyn 70
Weight 2000g.
Ace 50
$ 160.04
Osprey Ace 50
Weight 1700g.