Eräpuu Lapinleuku 145

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A sturdy, no-nonsense leuku.

Eräpuu Lapinleuku 145 - A sturdy, no-nonsense leuku. Hand made in Finland. Leuku is a special sub category of the Nordic puukko knives. Their blades are thick and deep, and they have more mass than regular wood carving knives.

  • 145 mm blade length
  • 260 mm total length
  • Carbon steel blade
  • Traditional leather sheath

A layer of carbon has been left on the side of the blade. In proper use, this layer will slowly wear away.

Dry the blade well before putting the knife back in its sheath.

Handles made of synthetic materials always look the same, but wood handles each have a unique grain pattern - this means the knife you receive will not match the product image 100%. Please note that we do not accept grain patterns as a reason for a product exchange.

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