Padded skirts

Insulated skirts have become popular in just a couple of years. They bring warmth to a critical area with large blood vessels close to the skin. Slip one on top of your tights after an exercise, or wear as a camp outfit, or inside a sleeping bag for extra warmth.
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Yrla Women's Skirt
Outdoor price
$ 28.06
Didriksons Yrla Women's Skirt
Iceguard Skirt
$ 74.80
Jack Wolfskin Iceguard Skirt
Alaska Long Down Skirt
$ 187.10
SKHooP Alaska Long Down Skirt
Taija R+ Quilted W Skirt
$ 65.39
Raiski Taija R+ Quilted W Skirt
Taija Quilted W Skirt
$ 65.39
Raiski Taija Quilted W Skirt
Women's Windgates Skirt
$ 65.44
Columbia Women's Windgates Skirt
Women's Cirrus Skirt
$ 93.50
Rab Women's Cirrus Skirt