Children’s shoes from sandals to winter boots - help your child enjoy outdoor life by getting the right gear!

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XA Pro 3D Jr
$ 44.26
Salomon XA Pro 3D Jr
Children's quality sneakers, ready for trail adventures!
Kids Handle It Rain Boot
$ 31.01
Crocs Kids Handle It Rain Boot
Children's super light and super comfy Crocs wellingtons!
Yoot Pac Nylon
$ 62.01
Sorel Yoot Pac Nylon
Children's Canada boots!
Dello II DX JR
$ 62.05
Halti Dello II DX JR
Easy on, easy off, and lots of warmth! Great boots for children.
Moab Mid AC Kid Arctic Grip
$ 53.14
Merrell Moab Mid AC Kid Arctic Grip
Children's winter shoes with high grip sole.
Rotnes GTX
Outdoor price
$ 61.22
Viking Rotnes GTX
Children's Gore-Tex mid height shoes.
Youth Caribou
$ 105.57
Sorel Youth Caribou
Legendary, super warm winter boots in youth sizes!
Ligo Mid DW Jr
$ 62.01
Halti Ligo Mid DW Jr
Outdoor shoes for children, with a reflective surface.
Ponto II Jr
$ 35.40
Halti Ponto II Jr
Children's winter boots.
Snow Bank 2.0
Outdoor price
$ 34.60
Merrell Snow Bank 2.0
Waterproof children winter shoes
Kjenning JR GTX
$ 96.69
Viking Kjenning JR GTX
Stylish and waterproof winter boots for junior outdoor use.
Seim Boa GTX
$ 88.62
Viking Seim Boa GTX
Children's low Gore shoes with the Boa lacing system.
Disen II GTX
$ 88.62
Viking Disen II GTX
Tyylikäs Gore-Tex kenkä lapsille.
Alvdal Mid R GTX
$ 84.18
Viking Alvdal Mid R GTX
Children's Gore-Tex shoes.
Hydro Choprock Sandal Kid
$ 48.70
Merrell Hydro Choprock Sandal Kid
Children's sport sandals.
Lente JR
$ 35.40
Halti Lente JR
Children's lightweight and supple shoes.
Chameleon 7 Mid AC JR Waterproof
$ 62.01
Merrell Chameleon 7 Mid AC JR Waterproof
Children's waterproof shoes.
Wetter Wash
$ 70.93
Reima Wetter Wash
Waterproof shoes for kids.
Outdoor price
$ 52.34
Viking Mora
Girls Gore-Tex winter boots.
$ 52.34
$ 79.79
Reima Wander
Waterproof and warm shoes for kids.
Creative Crocs Phineas & Ferb
$ 31.05
Crocs Creative Crocs Phineas & Ferb
Kid's Crocs with Phineas & Ferb graphics.
Freddo Jr
$ 52.34
$ 75.36
Reima Freddo Jr
Reippaat talvisaappaat lapsille.
Wetter Wash FW17
$ 70.93
Reima Wetter Wash FW17
Waterproof shoes for kids.
Moab Low Kid Waterproof
$ 48.70
Merrell Moab Low Kid Waterproof
Light but waterproof shoes for kids.
Rello Jr Trekking Shoe
$ 35.40
Halti Rello Jr Trekking Shoe
Children's breathable summer sneakers.
Swiftwater Wave Kids
$ 24.75
Crocs Swiftwater Wave Kids
Children's summer sandals.
Bump It Boot Jr
$ 35.44
Crocs Bump It Boot Jr
Children's Crocs boots.
Innox GTX Mid Jr
Vegan Product
$ 62.01
Lowa Innox GTX Mid Jr
High quality footwear for kids. Gore-Tex keeps you dry! Vegan product.
$ 35.40
Reima Rigger
Children's quality sport sandals.
$ 35.40
Reima Luft
Children's quality sport sandals.
Vemdalen GTX
$ 61.22
Viking Vemdalen GTX
Children's action shoes with Gore-Tex.
Wetter Wash SS17
$ 66.48
Reima Wetter Wash SS17
Waterproof shoes for kids.
XA Pro 3D Winter CSWP
$ 79.84
Salomon XA Pro 3D Winter CSWP
Warm but light winter shoes for kids.
Edda II Jr GTX
Outdoor price
$ 61.22
Viking Edda II Jr GTX
Beautiful winter boots for girls.
Kids Bump It Clog
$ 31.01
Crocs Kids Bump It Clog
Superbly fun kids Crocs for summer fun.
Crocband Kids Clog
$ 31.01
Crocs Crocband Kids Clog
Children's Crocs clogs in bright spring colors!
Classic Kid
$ 26.57
Crocs Classic Kid
Children's Crocs
Lona Jr Sandal
$ 22.09
Halti Lona Jr Sandal
Sandals for kids.
Hydro Rapid Kids
$ 26.52
Merrell Hydro Rapid Kids
Children's sandals with toe protection.
Hai Kids
$ 35.40
Nokian Jalkineet Hai Kids
A living legend, now in children's sizes.
Frogner Mid
$ 39.92
Viking Frogner Mid
Children's breathable summer sneakers.
Crocband Clog Kid
$ 26.57
Crocs Crocband Clog Kid
A permanent favorite: children's Crocs with energetic colours.
Bare Access Kids
$ 48.70
Merrell Bare Access Kids
Children's lightweight trail sneakers.
$ 43.47
Viking Ullevaal
Quality for little feet. Airy, breathable summer shoes for kids.
Ligo Mid DW
$ 88.62
Halti Ligo Mid DW
Outdoor shoes for men, with a reflective surface. Men's sizes.
Eagle IV GTX
Outdoor price
$ 52.34
Viking Eagle IV GTX
Waterproof winter shoes for kids.
Loren Mid
$ 57.57
Viking Loren Mid
Junior size shoes for fall and early winter.
Taika Boots
$ 31.01
Reima Taika Boots
Energetic wellies for kids.
$ 52.34
Reima Laplander
Children's winter boots.
Bislett II Mid GTX
$ 88.62
Viking Bislett II Mid GTX
Waterproof hiking shoe for kids.
Ultra 2.0
Outdoor price
$ 35.40
Viking Ultra 2.0
Energetic looks and lots of warmth - kid's winter wellingtons.
Neta Jr
$ 25.73
$ 52.34
Halti Neta Jr
Children's fleece lined winter shoes.
Amber GTX
Outdoor price
$ 61.22
Viking Amber GTX
Children's waterproof winter boots with a warm liner.
$ 35.49
Salomon XA PRO 3D Winter TS CSWP JR
Waterproof and cozy faux fur lined shoe for the winter outdoor activities.
Youth Yoot Pac Nylon
$ 78.95
Sorel Youth Yoot Pac Nylon
Lasten talvisaappaat aitoa Sorel-laatua.
Lilly II GTX Mid
$ 62.01
Lowa Lilly II GTX Mid
Children's winter boots with Gore-Tex membrane.
Wetter Jeans
$ 70.93
Reima Wetter Jeans
Waterproof mid height shoes for kids.
Sagene Mid GTX
$ 52.34
$ 75.32
Viking Sagene Mid GTX
Tidy mid high Gore-Tex shoes for kids.
$ 52.34
$ 87.82
Viking Vigra
Children's Gore-Tex sneakers for foul weather.
Ludo Mid GTX
$ 79.75
Viking Ludo Mid GTX
Practical and light shoes for little outdoor enthusiasts.
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