Gore-Tex is the most reliable membrane material in our range – it stands up against use and does not lose its weather protection capabilities when washed. The Gore-Tex membrane is a separate material layer laminated into the piece of apparel or footwear, while many polyurethane based membranes are made with a coating technique. Each Gore-Tex product has its seams sealed with Gore Seam tape.

Gore-Tex was originally developed for astronauts, and it is made of PTFE. It contains millions of microscopically small pores, that allow water vapor to pass, while simultaneously giving total protection from wind and rain.

Two or three layers? So called two-layer shell clothes have a separate fabric or mesh liner hanging loosely on the inside. The Gore-Tex membrane is laminated to the surface fabric. In three-layer apparel, again, all three of these layers are laminated into one. Two-layer apparel is slightly warmer and more comfortable to wear, while three-layer shells are better suited for more active sports and winter use. In addition, there are clothes with a 2.5 layer structure. In these products the liner has been replaced with a printed layer of material. This technique is used in Gore-Tex Paclite.

Did you know? The Gore-Tex membrane is always hidden under the surface material of a shoe, glove, jacket or pants. On the inside it is always protected with a liner. So essentially you never see the membrane itself. The surface materials are always impregnated for great water repellent properties but after this material lets water through, Gore-Tex is the thing that keeps on keeping you dry

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