Black Diamond Moji Charging Station Lantern / Portable Power

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Power bank and led lantern for luxury camping.

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The Moji series power bank lantern is a typical Black Diamond product: made with impeccable quality and great design and engineering. It offers sturdy real-world performance and packs easily thanks to its no-snag design. Once the internal battery runs out of juice, the game is still not over: just insert four AA batteries and you’re good to go again. Lock mode ensures that the lantern does not use up its power by lighting the inside of your backpack, car boot etc.

  • USB charging port for charging your phone etc.
  • 4 x AA battery slots for extra capacity (run time with AA batteries depends on cell quality)
  • Adjustable light output
  • Charging the internal battery takes about 8 hours
  • Total output 250 lumen
  • Diameter of lighted area: 14 meters
  • Strobe function
  • Burntime at full setting: 50 h
  • Burntime at lowest setting: 150 h
  • IPX4-suojaus: rainproof
  • Measurements approx. 11.5 x 8 cm

Product information

  • Weight: 430