Wax accessories

Proper gear makes ski waxing easy. A lightweight waxing bench is a no-brainer as skis are difficult to hold still without one. Scrapes and brushes make for a huge difference in the waxing result - best not skimp out here!
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Divi cork
Outdoor price
$ 2.39
Start Divi cork
Synthetic cork.
Anti Ice
Outdoor price
$ 10.39
Start Anti Ice
Pitopohjan hoitoaine joka estää pohjan jäätymistä.
Scraper 3 mm Acrylic
Outdoor price
$ 3.76
Start Scraper 3 mm Acrylic
Normaaliin voitelun käytettäva perussikli.
Wax Remover 0.5 Liter
Outdoor price
$ 7.13
Start Wax Remover 0.5 Liter
Synthetic Cork with Felt
Outdoor price
$ 5.15
Vauhti Synthetic Cork with Felt
A synthetic cork with one felt side, for use with liquid waxes.
360 Base Cleaner 80ml
Outdoor price
$ 13.00
Vauhti 360 Base Cleaner 80ml
A natural choice for cleaning ski bases.
360 Linen Bag Kit Skin Ski
Outdoor price
$ 45.65
Vauhti 360 Linen Bag Kit Skin Ski
Skin ski maintenance set, with cleaner, care product, glide wax and fiber cloth.
360 Skin Ski Care 80ml
Outdoor price
$ 13.00
Vauhti 360 Skin Ski Care 80ml
Skin care for ski grip skins. Reduces icing and enhances glide.
Skin Care Red
Outdoor price
$ 15.62
Vauhti Skin Care Red
Skin maintenance liquid, +10 ... -1ºC.
Skin Glide Pkt
Outdoor price
$ 16.26
Start Skin Glide Pkt
What's your skin care routine? This package contains a natural cork, glide wax and maintenance cloths.
Skin Cleaner Spray 85 ml
Outdoor price
$ 8.43
Start Skin Cleaner Spray 85 ml
Hydrocarbon-free cleaner for skins.
Skin Clean & Care 80 ml
Outdoor price
$ 15.62
Vauhti Skin Clean & Care 80 ml
Skin cleaner.
Roto Fleece
Outdoor price
$ 58.72
Vauhti Roto Fleece
A fleece roto brush for finishing glide waxing.
Racing Clamp
$ 12.11
Vauhti Racing Clamp
Clamp for ski maintenance.
Racing Sharp
$ 30.40
Vauhti Racing Sharp
Edge sharpener for alpine skis.
Easy Sharp Edge Sharpener
Outdoor price
$ 21.49
Vauhti Easy Sharp Edge Sharpener
A simple but functional sharpener for alpine skis.
Alpine Brush Metal
$ 34.75
Vauhti Alpine Brush Metal
Metal brush for alpine skis.
Acryl Scraper 3mm
Outdoor price
$ 3.84
Vauhti Acryl Scraper 3mm
A thinner acrylic scraper.
Scraper Viisto Sp. 5mm
Outdoor price
$ 5.81
Vauhti Scraper Viisto Sp. 5mm
Plastic scraper with one tapered edge.
Synthetic Cork
Outdoor price
$ 2.48
Vauhti Synthetic Cork
Synthetic cork for leveling grip waxes.
Voiteenpoistospray 220ml
Outdoor price
$ 7.13
Start Voiteenpoistospray 220ml
Ski wax remover, 220 ml.
Pro RS File 100/13
$ 26.04
Vauhti Pro RS File 100/13
A 100 x 13 mm file.
Professional File Chrome 200/16
$ 30.40
Vauhti Professional File Chrome 200/16
A 16 x 200 chrome file, medium grit.
File Guide Alu 87
$ 34.75
Vauhti File Guide Alu 87
A file guide for Alpine ski maintenance, 87°.
File Guide Alu 88
$ 39.98
Vauhti File Guide Alu 88
A file guide for Alpine ski maintenance, 88°.
Diamond File 100mm(400)
$ 34.75
Vauhti Diamond File 100mm(400)
A diamond file for Alpine skis, grit 400.
Nylonharja Large
Outdoor price
$ 13.00
Vauhti Nylonharja Large
Large nylon brush for finishing glide waxes.
Nylon brush small
Outdoor price
$ 7.13
Vauhti Nylon brush small
A compact nylon brush for finishing up glide waxing.
Outdoor price
$ 3.26
Start Olassikli
Kiillotusliina 10m
Outdoor price
$ 3.84
Vauhti Kiillotusliina 10m
Polishing cloth.
Groove cleaner
Outdoor price
$ 3.84
Vauhti Groove cleaner
A cleaner for the center groove in skis.
Nylon/brass Brush
Outdoor price
$ 22.80
Vauhti Nylon/brass Brush
Combination brush for enthusiasts.
Polishing Cloth 20m
Outdoor price
$ 7.13
Vauhti Polishing Cloth 20m
20 meters of polishing cloth.
Base Cleaner 500ml
Outdoor price
$ 11.05
Vauhti Base Cleaner 500ml
500 ml base cleaner.
Skin Ski Cleaner 200 ml
Outdoor price
$ 22.80
Vauhti Skin Ski Cleaner 200 ml
Skin cleaner.
Waxing Iron 1000W Professional
Outdoor price
$ 64.67
Vauhti Waxing Iron 1000W Professional
This nifty waxing iron makes ski waxing work much easier.
Skintec Bonded Skin 430
Outdoor price
Waxless skis
$ 29.40
Atomic Skintec Bonded Skin 430
Spare skins for Atomic classic skis, 43 cm.
Waxing Iron 1200 W
Outdoor price
$ 71.20
Start Waxing Iron 1200 W
A high quality waxing iron with great heat retention.
Wax remover 150 ml
Outdoor price
$ 8.43
Vauhti Wax remover 150 ml
Glide wax remover.
Metal Scraper
Outdoor price
$ 5.15
Vauhti Metal Scraper
Metal scraper for waxing.
Hfc1 Anti-ice liquid
Outdoor price
$ 38.55
Vauhti Hfc1 Anti-ice liquid
Anti-ice for the grip area. +1 ... -2ºC.
Ski Vise Race
$ 173.32
Vauhti Ski Vise Race
A rugged waxing vise.
Alp Nylon Brush
$ 26.04
Vauhti Alp Nylon Brush
Alpine ski Nylon brush.
Nordic Sharp + Fine Roller
Outdoor price
$ 84.26
Vauhti Nordic Sharp + Fine Roller
Patterning device for classic and skate style cross country skis.
Roto cork
Outdoor price
$ 29.32
Vauhti Roto cork
Roto cork, 100 mm. For finishing glide finishes and liquid glide waxes.
Spare Blade Round
$ 19.07
Vauhti Spare Blade Round
A round spare blade for Sidewall Sharp Pro.
Diamond File 100mm(600)
$ 28.65
Vauhti Diamond File 100mm(600)
A diamond file for Alpine skis, grit 600.
Roto Handle 100 mm
Outdoor price
$ 39.13
Vauhti Roto Handle 100 mm
A 10 cm handle for roto brushes.
Ski Tour Decor Spray
Outdoor price
$ 16.30
Holmenkol Ski Tour Decor Spray
Anti-ice spray for ski decor.
Waxing Iron 747 1200 Watts
Outdoor price
$ 71.20
Rex Waxing Iron 747 1200 Watts
High quality waxing iron, suitable for professional use.
Anti-ice Crown/zero 80ml
Outdoor price
$ 11.05
Vauhti Anti-ice Crown/zero 80ml
Anti-icing liquid for crown and zero skis.
Glide Zone 250 ml Cleaner Liquid
Outdoor price
$ 9.74
Start Glide Zone 250 ml Cleaner Liquid
Glide zone cleaner - doesn't dissolve glide wax, but cleans the surface.
Brass Brush
Outdoor price
$ 28.02
Vauhti Brass Brush
Brass brush for waxing use.
Roster Brush
Outdoor price
$ 28.02
Vauhti Roster Brush
Steel brush for hard waxes.
Roto Brush Powder
Outdoor price
$ 29.32
Vauhti Roto Brush Powder
Finishing roto brush for use with the Vauhti roto axel.