Tretorn has been making rubber boots since 1891. Scandinavian Outdoor carries a Tretorn range suitable for hiking, gardening and city life!

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Southwestern Hat
$ 34.84
Tretorn Southwestern Hat
A lightweight version of the traditional southwestern.
PU Parka Junior
$ 56.53
Tretorn PU Parka Junior
A traditional rain parka for kids.
Hajk S
$ 87.10
Tretorn Hajk S
Wellingtons for hiking and general use.
$ 56.61
Tretorn Wings
Legendary wellingtons made of natural rubber.
PU Parka
$ 94.93
Tretorn PU Parka
A traditional rain parka.
Wings Light Rainjacket
$ 65.32
Tretorn Wings Light Rainjacket
A lighter version of the legendary Wings Rainjacket.
Wings Rainjacket
$ 60.10
Tretorn Wings Rainjacket
A rain jacket in traditional style.
$ 130.65
Tretorn Tornevik
Hunting, fishing, backpacking and photography boots.
$ 60.10
Tretorn Strong
Light rubber boots designed for hiking.
Rain Jacket From The Sea
$ 191.61
Tretorn Rain Jacket From The Sea
Traditional styling, modern materials – a breathable rain jacket for men. Made of recycled fishing nets.
JR Light Weight Pants
$ 17.33
Tretorn JR Light Weight Pants
Children's lightweight rain pants.
JR Light Weight Jacket
$ 34.75
Tretorn JR Light Weight Jacket
Children's rain coat with a spacious fit.
Strong S
$ 69.68
Tretorn Strong S
High-quality wellingtons
Kids Explorer Pants
$ 60.97
Tretorn Kids Explorer Pants
Waterproof and windproof pants for kids.
Eva Låg
$ 69.68
Tretorn Eva Låg
Lightweight low wellingtons for women.
Kids Parka From The Sea
$ 51.39
$ 68.81
Tretorn Kids Parka From The Sea
Children's stylish and durable winter parka, made of recycled fishing nets.
Wings Neo
$ 69.68
Tretorn Wings Neo
Wellies with neoprene shaft.
Wings Monochrome Jacket
$ 69.68
Tretorn Wings Monochrome Jacket
Traditional rain jacket for men and women.
Erna 2.0 Raincoat
$ 113.23
Tretorn Erna 2.0 Raincoat
Traditional, protective raincoat for women.
$ 26.04
Tretorn Storm
High quality wellingtons equally at home in the city as they are at your summer cottage.
Padded Parka
$ 86.23
$ 191.61
Tretorn Padded Parka
A stylish weatherproof jacket for men. Perfect for autumn use.
Wings Plus Rainjacket
$ 60.10
Tretorn Wings Plus Rainjacket
A rain jacket in traditional style.
Wings Monocrome Boots
$ 56.61
Tretorn Wings Monocrome Boots
The freshest version of a classic from the 1960's.
Light Rainponcho
$ 42.68
Tretorn Light Rainponcho
A traditional poncho.
$ 78.39
Tretorn Terräng
No-nonsense wellies with a lower shaft.
Nord 2.0
$ 34.84
Tretorn Nord 2.0
Wellingtons with a warm liner for fall and winter use.
Eva Classic Winter
$ 34.84
Tretorn Eva Classic Winter
Warm lining, wateproof material and practical mid height. Women's sizes.
Chelsea Classic Wool
$ 43.55
Tretorn Chelsea Classic Wool
Felt lined rubber boots for women.
$ 34.84
Tretorn Nord
Wellingtons with an integrated, warm liner.