Thermos Ultimate Mountain Beverage 0,9L

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The top model of a high quality manufacturer! Very light steel thermos with excellent insulation.

Known for its top notch products, Thermos introduces a new Mountain Beverage thermos series. Even lighter than the well-known, test-winning FBB series, the Mountain Beverage bottle boast a super narrow cold bridge near the top.

The silicone elements on the top and bottom make for ease of use even when wearing gloves. The ones on the bottom also protect the bottle from bumps.

The pouring top also works by rotating, making for less moving and potentially breaking parts than push-button tops.

  • Lightweight structure with stainless steel and a double wall vacuum insulation
  • Keeps hot drinks hot for 12 hours and cold drinks cold for 24 hours
  • Unlined inner surface
  • The top can be dismantled for careful washing
  • Can be machine washed, but hand washing is recommended
  • 5 year guarantee
  • BPA-free

Note! The manufacturer states the bottle keeps your drinks hot for as long as 24 hours. These time promises are, however, not standardized in any way, and the Finnish importer has applied stickers on the products stating a more moderate 12 hours as by 24 hours the drinks are usually not exactly “hot” anymore.

Product information

  • Weight: 393
  • Volume, dl: 9
  • Measures: 83 x 297 mm
  • Steel