Tatonka - A multitalent among equipment manufacturers!

Tatonka offers a wide selection of equipment from money belts to gaiters and from foldable day packs to huge travel bags. Tatonka produces its own products, and is therefore able to respond quickly to any arising needs.

A favourite pick from the Tatonka line up is the Barrel series. Tatonka Barrel bags are made of heavy-duty tarpaulin and have hefty zippers, making them perfect for continuous, tough use.

3 products
Rokua 2
$ 663.57
Tatonka Rokua 2
A tunnel tent for two, with two vestibules. Weight 2.6 kg. Weight 2600.
$ 542.77
Tatonka Okisba
Two person tunnel tent for hiking and camping. Weight 2700.
Drybag 10L
$ 12.86
Tatonka Drybag 10L
A 10 liter drysack made of recycled polyester.