Suunto Vertical Stainless Steel Black/Lime

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Top level sports watch with maps, for adventures in the mountains as well as nearby trails.

The Suunto Vertical will serve you on the trip of your lifetime, as well as everyday exercise. The large screen displays performance data and maps in style, and the plethora of functions never fails you. Special emphasis has been paid to battery running times: in watch mode the Vertical can work up to 60 days. With more than 90 preloaded sport profiles. The watch is made in Finland, and renewable energy is used in production. This product is carbon balanced. One Suunto Vertical watch has a carbon footprint of 7.5 kg CO2.

Three main series of the Suunto Vertical are available: the Solar, the Titanium Solar, and the Stainless Steel. Their functions are the same, but Solar models have a solar panel for added battery runtimes, and the Titanium has a titanium bezel and weighs less.

If you so wish, you can head to SuuntoPlus to download more sports profiles, and customize your Suunto Vertical. As teasers, there are special apps for the Cooper test and climbing.

The Suunto App is easy to download to your phone for planning, performance and recovery analysis, as well as linking into Strava (there are more than 200 partner apps). It includes 3D maps complete with road surface data and heatmpas.

The AI-based Suunto Coach function keeps track of your training load, recovery and progress. After planning the exercise, your Suunto Vertical will guide you in real time.

  • Pulse measurement from the wrist (also compatible with heart rate belts)
  • Battery run times:
  • Up to 60 hours in the finest resolution performance tracking and GPS track saving mode (Steel model)
  • Training mode with GPS: 60 / 90 / 140 / 500 h depending on power save settings
  • Maps:
  • The map data includes contour lines, pahts, bodies of water, and other important landmarks
  • Maps can be used even in offline mode
  • Route and POI navigation
  • Digital compass, barometer and barometric altimeter
  • Storm alarm, and when coupled with a smart phone, weather forecasts
  • Sunrise and sunset alarms
  • Dual band GPS / GNSS positioning
  • Physical data:
  • 1.4” matrix screen, 280 x 280 pixels
  • Bezel material: Stainless steel
  • Bezel material: Grade 5 titanium
  • Glass: Sapphire crystal
  • Body material: fiberglass reinforced polyamide
  • Body diameter: 49 mm
  • Body thickness: 13.6 mm
  • Strap: easy to replace 22 mm silicone strap
  • Weight: 86 g (69 g without strap)
  • Functions:
  • Customizable watch faces
  • Automatic firmware updates
  • Water resistance 100 meters
  • Battery indicator
  • Battery type: lithium-ion
  • Time and date
  • Alarm clock
  • Dual time
  • Wrist heart rate measurement
  • Blood oxygen estimate
  • Automatic timekeeping
  • Stopwatch and countdown
  • Vibration alert
  • User interface languages: CS, DA, DE, EL, EN, ES, FI, FR, HE, IT, JA, KO, NL, NO, PL, PT, RU, SV, TR, ZH, TH, ZHTW*
  • LED backlight with automatic brightness
  • Button lock during exercise
  • Metric and imperial units
  • Automatic daylight saving time
  • Operating and storage temperature range: -20 … +55ºC
  • Recommended battery charging temperature range: 0 … +45ºC
  • Intelligent battery charge reminder
  • Compass with tilt compensation, declination correction, and 5º accuracy with 1º resolution
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Intelligent phone notifications
  • Music and media controls
  • Ability to send predefined answers to incoming messages available with Android phones
  • Step counter, calory estimate, activity history, calory burn rate estimate and heart rate during daily activities
  • Daily minimum heart rate
  • Sleep suration, bed times, time awake, time in deep sleep, sleep quality estimate, average and minimum heart rate during sleep
  • Daily resource level estimate, stress and recover status
  • GPS-, GLONASS-, GALILEO, QZSS and BEIDOU compatible, with up to 4 simultaneous satellite systems and up to 32 simultaneous satellites, and dual band (L1 + L5) frequency support
  • Auto zoom function based on route shape
  • Breadcrumb function
  • Route planning with altitude profile, Outdoor terrain and satellite maps, global heatmaps for 20 sports, route planning with heatmaps, personal route library synced to watch, snap to route, point of interest navigation, ETA, GPS track analysis, track logging, viewing and sharing,
  • Barometric altitude and GPS altitude for FusedAlti function
  • Altitude acclimation with blood oxygen
  • Total ascent/descent, vertical speed, automatic alti/baro profile, altitude log recording rate 1 s, resolution 1 m, range -500 - 9999 m
  • Weather: sunrise/sunset times, storm alarm, sea level pressure, Automatic alti/baro profile, temperature display range -20° C to +55° C, resolution 1ºC, pressure resolution 1 hPa, Move altitude graph in Move summary
  • Training guidance: Setup intervals in watch, structured intervals, interval guidance during training
  • Wrist pulse measurement, compatible with bluetooth heart rate belts, RR interval available when using with separate Suunto Smart Sensor, heart rate in beats per minute, ecords heart rate in swimming, heart rate graph in real time, real-time average heart rate, calory estimate, peak training effect, recovery time, personale heart rate zones, VO2Max estimate
  • Cadence based speed and distance, GPS speed and distance in outdoor exercise, chronometer, compatible with Bluetooth foot pods, auto- and manual lap function, analysis of pace, speed graphs and tracks on the map
  • Recovery: Training based recovery time, recovery time daily view in watch, feeling stored in watch after training
  • Training load: Logbook with Move details, Move summary with lap details, training load with totals by sport, training logbook for long term overviews Share and relive: Move sharing to social media, Move rating and commenting, follow other members and get feedback via activity stream
  • Swimming: Pool swim pace and distance, openwater swim distance, records heart rate in swimming, swimming time by pool length, lap, total, swimming stroke rate, count and type, stroke efficiency (SWOLF), automatic intervals, interval laptable
  • Cycling: Cycling speed, average speed in real time, Bluetooth Bike Pods compatible, Bluetooth bike power meter compatible with current, average and maximum power, bike lap and lap maximum power, real-time lap table with avg HR, avg power and avg speed, interval guidance with power/speed/heartrate
  • Running: Running pace, Suunto FusedSpeed™, Snap to route, running power from wrist or with Stryd sensor, SuuntoPlus™ Ghost runner, Automatic Foot POD calibration, Lap table in watch and Suunto app, average, max, lap pace in real time, Interval guidance with running pace/heartrate/distance
  • Multisport: Change sport mode during exercise, preconfigured multisport modes, post-analysis of multisport exercise by sport, multisport exercise summary on watch
  • Sport modes: Customizable sport modes and displays, graph displays in sport modes, over 90 pre-installed sports modes, SuuntoPlus compatible
  • Suitable for sports: Running, Trail running, Treadmill running, Pool swimming, Openwater swimming, Walking, Triathlon, Orienteering, Mountaineering, Ski Touring, Alpine skiing, Snowboarding, Telemark skiing, Weight training, Circuit training, Crossfit, Cycling, Indoor cycling, Mountain biking, Hiking, Trekking, Climbing, Snorkeling, Mermaid diving
  • Multisport: Muuta urheilutilaa harjoituksen aikana, esikonfiguroidut monilajitilat, monilajiharjoituksen jälkianalyysi lajikohtaisesti, monilajiharjoituksen yhteenveto kellossa
  • Urheilutilat: mukautettavat urheilutilat ja näytöt, kaavionäytöt urheilutiloissa, yli 90 esiasennettua urheilutilaa, SuuntoPlus-yhteensopiva
  • Soveltuu urheiluun: juoksu, polkujuoksu, juoksumatolla juoksu, allasuinti, avovesiuinti, kävely, triathlon, suunnistus, vuorikiipeily, hiihtoretki, alppihiihto, lumilautailu, telemark-hiihto, painoharjoittelu, kiertorataharjoittelu, crossfit, pyöräily, sisäpyöräily , Maastopyöräily, vaellus, vaellus, kiipeily, snorklaus, merenneitosukellus

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