Life vests for paddling

Top quality life vests by Ursuit and Helly Hansen, for paddling, boating, sailing and fishing. Order yours now, from Scandinavian Outdoor!
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Inflatable Inshore
Outdoor price
$ 137.21
Helly Hansen Inflatable Inshore
Basicline Auto
Club price
$ 73.35
$ 85.43
Ursuit Basicline Auto
Navigare Scan
Outdoor price
$ 51.69
Helly Hansen Navigare Scan
Navigare Comfort
Outdoor price
$ 38.83
Helly Hansen Navigare Comfort
Auto DSH275N Paukkuliivi
$ 188.97
Ursuit Auto DSH275N Paukkuliivi
Re-arm Gas Cylinder
$ 21.57
Helly Hansen Re-arm Gas Cylinder
Baby Safe+ 5-15kg
Outdoor price
$ 56.00
Helly Hansen Baby Safe+ 5-15kg
JR Safe+ 20-35kg
Outdoor price
$ 56.00
Helly Hansen JR Safe+ 20-35kg
Outdoor price
$ 25.80
Helly Hansen Bowrider
Rider Compact 50N
$ 60.40
Helly Hansen Rider Compact 50N