Wellingtons or rubber boots have evolved quite nicely over the past decade or so. For those who spend a lot of time making their way in forests, farms, swampy areas and at work, modern day shock absorption is a welcome feature. Today’s wellingtons also tend to have a better fit than those of past decades.

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$ 60.10
Nokian Jalkineet Hai
Stylish low-cut rubber boots for outdoor and city use!
Hai Low
$ 60.10
Nokian Jalkineet Hai Low
Stylish low-cut rubber boots for outdoor and city use!
Hai Winter
Outdoor price
$ 47.90
Nokian Jalkineet Hai Winter
The winter version of the ever-popular Hai.
Outdoor price
$ 77.51
Nokian Jalkineet Koli
Top notch wellies for hunting, fishing and backpacking.
Kevo Outlast
Outdoor price
$ 112.35
Nokian Jalkineet Kevo Outlast
Top quality wellies for active outdoorsmen and women, with Outlast liner.
Hajk S
$ 87.10
Tretorn Hajk S
Wellingtons for hiking and general use.
Outdoor price
$ 78.30
Nokian Jalkineet Kaira
Traditional winter rubber boot with a removable felt liner.
$ 56.61
Tretorn Wings
Legendary wellingtons made of natural rubber.
Jaunt Shorty Boot
$ 34.80
Crocs Jaunt Shorty Boot
Women's light Crocs boots - comfy and waterproof!
$ 51.39
Nokian Jalkineet Aava
Quality wellies for gardening, forest hikes and summer cottage use. Sizes for men and women.
Kevo Outlast High
$ 164.61
Nokian Jalkineet Kevo Outlast High
Top quality wellies for active outdoorsmen and women, with Outlast liner.
Freesail Rain Boot Women's
$ 43.50
Crocs Freesail Rain Boot Women's
Wonderfully light Crocs-wellies for women.
$ 130.65
Tretorn Tornevik
Hunting, fishing, backpacking and photography boots.
$ 60.10
Tretorn Strong
Light rubber boots designed for hiking.
Outdoor price
$ 138.49
Nokian Jalkineet Naali
Massive winter wellingtons with thick, super warm felt inner boot.
Strong S
$ 69.68
Tretorn Strong S
High-quality wellingtons
Wings Neo
$ 69.68
Tretorn Wings Neo
Wellies with neoprene shaft.
Eva Låg
$ 69.68
Tretorn Eva Låg
Lightweight low wellingtons for women.
Wings Monocrome Boots
$ 56.61
Tretorn Wings Monocrome Boots
The freshest version of a classic from the 1960's.
$ 78.39
Tretorn Terräng
No-nonsense wellies with a lower shaft.
Chelsea Classic Wool
$ 43.55
Tretorn Chelsea Classic Wool
Felt lined rubber boots for women.
Eva Classic Winter
$ 34.84
Tretorn Eva Classic Winter
Warm lining, wateproof material and practical mid height. Women's sizes.
Nord 2.0
$ 34.84
Tretorn Nord 2.0
Wellingtons with a warm liner for fall and winter use.
Finntrim Black Edition
$ 60.10
Nokian Jalkineet Finntrim Black Edition
Mid-height wellingtons for hiking and orienteering
$ 34.84
Tretorn Nord
Wellingtons with an integrated, warm liner.