Gaiters are great for protecting your trouser legs from brush, snow, sand and water. They offer protection from both mechanical wear and all sorts of spray and splashes. For extensive use we recommend models with breathable membrane materials while you'll be fine with more affordable ones in sporadic use.
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Trail Gaiters Low
$ 30.40
Salomon Trail Gaiters Low
Pocket Gaiter
$ 43.50
Icebug Pocket Gaiter
Women's Muztag GTX Gaiter
$ 74.03
Rab Women's Muztag GTX Gaiter
Trek W Gaiter
$ 47.90
Rab Trek W Gaiter
Men's Muztag GTX Gaiter
$ 74.03
Rab Men's Muztag GTX Gaiter
Trek gaiter
$ 47.90
Rab Trek gaiter
Trail Gaiters High
$ 34.75
Salomon Trail Gaiters High