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Scout - create a customer account and take advantage of the scout discounts!

  • By registering yourself as scout customer with your Finnish scout member number you get 10% off all outdoor products!
  • Register yourself
  • Remember to fill in your member number and the scout troop you belong to.
  • After this you can log in with your account and, when logged in, get automatic discounts from your shopping (excluding scout products and simultaneous campaigns).

If you represent a scout troop, contact:

Mikko Lehtinen
+358 103970507

Scout troop: make an excursion to your local Scandinavian Outdoor store!

The Southwestern Finland scouts and Scandinavian Outdoor have trained scout experts in all our stores. The expert will also help you with all scout uniform and badge questions.

Scout experts in our stores:

Turku: Mikko Kauppila, turku@scandinavianoutdoor.com

Tampere: Ilona Leiman, ilona.leiman@scandinavianoutdoor.com

Turku Kuninkoja: Katja Mäkeläinen, kuninkoja@scandinavianoutdoor.com

Salo: Jarkko Nieminen, salo@scandinavianoutdoor.com

Pori Puuvilla: Mikko Kangas, pori@scandinavianoutdoor.com

Vantaa Tammisto: Auli Rajala, tammisto@scandinavianoutdoor.com

Helsinki Forum: Minttu Haapanen, forum@scandinavianoutdoor.com

Webstore: Jouko Näsänen, myynti@scandinavianoutdoor.com