Savotta Stove

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Box shaped tent stove for 4 - 20 person tents. Weight 18.0 kg.

This product cannot be shipped to the U.S.A. or Canada

This box tent stove is made of 2mm steel sheet; top made of 3mm steel sheet. The stove’s wide top surface is great for cooking. A cast iron grate and damper help heat up the stove. Intended for use with tents such as the Savotta SA-20, for use from fall to spring. The use of a stove keeps the air inside the tent dryer and warmer, making it easy to dry your clothes and cook safely from the elements.

  • Stovepipe packs inside the stove for easy transport
  • Detachable legs (25 cm in length) also pack inside
  • Size in transport mode: approx. 42 x 30,5 x 27,5 cm
  • Stovepipe sections are approx. 30 cm in length and have an outer diameter of 85 mm, total pipe length 210cm, ca. 14cm of which is the pipe flame suppressor
  • Made in Estonia
  • 2 year guarantee

Weight: approx. 18 kg

The product video shows a separately available accessory, the rock holder grill which is not included.

Data on the stovepipe: Total length 245 cm, height from the ground when mounted on the stove: 295 cm

  • The tip of the stovepipe should reach at least 100 cm over the tent’s roof at the spot it goes through the roof
  • Depending on tent model you may need extension bits:
  • FDF 10 - no need for extensions
  • FDF 10-JSP - buy one extension
  • FDF 20 - buy two extensions
  • FDF 20-HQ - buy three extensions
  • Hiisi 2 and 4: no need for extensions
  • Hawu 4 and 8: no need for extensions

Product information

  • Weight: 18000