Savotta Sauna tent package, size small

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A collapsible sauna tent for luxury in the back country.

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Savotta Sauna tent package, size small - Enjoying the steamy sensations of a sauna in the wild is an unforgetable experience. This smaller version of Savotta’s Sauna tent has room for 3-5 people. Because of its packing size, it can be taken on a boat trip, for example. This package contains pegs, poles, a stove and a rock holder for the stove. The stove is a standard Savotta stove, meaning you can use it as a regular tent stove as well. The rock holder system allows you to stack rocks around the stove, enabling you to throw water on it for a proper sauna experience.

  • Wall: polyester (not flame retardant)
  • Roof: mold protected and flame retardant cotton polyester
  • Floor diameter: 250 cm
  • Highest point: 200 cm
  • Wall height: 140 cm
  • Weight: about 6 kg
  • Suits: 3 - 5 users