Savotta Kv-Jsp Bundle

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8-10 person tent with raised sidewall height.

8-10 person tent with raised sidewall height. This higher version is great for base camp use and is, in fact, used in medical tent purposes in the Finnish armed forces. In days gone by Savotta made tents like this from 100% cotton, but today a better alternative is being used: with a hybrid fabric the tents are now much stronger and much more waterproof. The Savotta JSP is otherwise similar to the Savotta SA-10, except taller. Sidewall height: 140 cm. Fitted with a stovepipe port.

  • The tent is made of fire retardant, water-repellent and mildew-resistant cotton polyester hybrid fabric
  • All sewn seams are plastic-coated to make the tent fully waterproof
  • Double door opening, corner patches made of high-strength tarp material
  • The tent is a symmetrical octagon approximately 4 metres in diameter
  • Material: mildew-resistant and flameproof cotton/polyester
  • This bundle includes pole set
  • Floor area: 13 m²
  • Bundle product: includes tent, poles and pegs.
  • Dimensions:
  • Peak height: 230 cm
  • Sidewall height: 140 cm
  • Diameter: 400 cm
  • Weight: approximately 15 kg
  • Colour: olive green
  • Separately available accessories:
  • Wood stove
  • Ground sheet