Savotta Hiisi Sauna Tent

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A tent sauna for 4 to 6 people, made with a sturdy aluminum frame.

The Hiisi tent is such a big beast that the parcel measurements are 200 x 35 x 35 cm. This means the parcel has to be shipped outside the EU with alternative methods (freight cargo). Shipping costs have to be checked individually for each order, so please contact customer service is you would like to order this item outside the EU area

This sauna tent named after an ancient malicious goblin-like creature from Finnish mythology is a luxurious product with ample inner space and no need for a center pole. It is very easy to pitch thanks to a hinged metal frame. After setting up the frame, just place the roof and wall fabrics in place.

While going to a regular sauna is a fantastic experience in itself, going to a tent sauna has something special. As the airflow is better than in regular saunas, you will always have plenty of oxygen and adjusting the temperature by throwing water on the stove (not included) is easy. The tent sauna never gets excessively hot, meaning you can enjoy the “löyly” longer.

Purchase the separately available Savotta Sauna Stove for a perfect combo.

  • Can be used as a gazebo: one or all walls can be left open
  • Roof window made of heat resistant plastic
  • Shoulder height: 168 cm peak height: 213 cm
  • The tent and frame pack inside a carryign bag
  • Material, sidewalls: polyamide
  • Material, roof and wall near the stove place: fireproof, mold resistant polyester cotton (50/50%)
  • Material, frame: aluminum
  • Made in Finland and Estonia, in Savotta factories
  • 2 year guarantee against defects in materials or manufacture
  • What’s in the box:
  • Carrying bag
  • Frame (peak and legs)
  • Side frame tubes
  • Roof fabric + door and window
  • Wall fabric
  • Peg pouch
  • 6 pegs

Hiisi refers to a certain type of goblin or demon in Finnish mythology. Here’s a tongue twister for you: Vesihiisi sihisi hississä (the water goblin hissed in an elevator).