Savotta Hawu 8 Tent

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A 5-8 person tent with stovepipe port. Can be pitched around a tree!

This product contains the two halves of a complete Hawu tent. Center pole or pegs not included.

A man called Pasi Ylirisku started to develop a new type of stove tent in 1993. While the SA-10 “guerrilla tent” had lots of perks of its own, he felt a lot could be done to make a more practical tent. The result, the Hawu tent, does not need corner poles and you can choose between using a regular center post or just simply pitching the tent around a tree. The tent is made of two halves, and each half can be used as a stand-alone open shelter. The halves are combined with a tough zipper, after which you can use the side slits to create a waterproof protection layer on top of the zip.

The Hawu is made for no-nonsense year-round use: during winter you either close down all hatches, and in the heat of the summer sun you can pitch it as two separate shelters to protect you from the sun and enjoy plentiful ventilation. This tent is meant to serve outdoorsmen, officials and military personnel alike.

  • Extremely fast and easy to pitch, especially compared to traditional 8-corner stove tents
  • Three pitching methods:
  • With a center pole (not included)
  • Around a tree
  • By hanging on an overlying branch or other object directly above
  • The fabric is breathable and waterproof enough to make you comfortable year-round
  • The fabric contains four types of fiber, of which two are fire retardant and one is a wood-based fiber which swells up as it is subjected to moisture, making for great waterproofness
  • The material is structurally fire retardant: if you purposefully try, you can burn a hole through it but as soon as the external flame source is taken away, the fabric will stop burning
  • Treated against mold and mildew
  • The top can be used for adjusting ventilation
  • The main door has a curved zipper, for easy operation
  • Inner flaps in the door together with a threshold help keep warm air in
  • In the case of real emergency it is possible to push yourself through the main connecting zippers for a quick exit
  • A stove pipe port is located on the door part of the tent and it is equipped with a hinged flap (stove not included)
  • The package contains all you need for basic pitching around a tree:
  • Door piece (including zippered door and stovepipe port, weight 6 kg)
  • Wall piece (continuous piece of fabric, weight 5 kg)
  • Strap for pitching around a tree
  • Separately available: a mid-piece which adds the maximum amount of people to 12
  • Floor surface area: 13m2, diameter 4 m, peak height 160 - 180 cm
  • Made in Finland (Karstula)
  • 2 year guarantee for defects in materials and manufacture
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