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Savotta Handwarmer bag, 3 pcs

7.18 €
7.18 €
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Handwarmer bag, 3 pcs - Shipping time 1-3 workdays

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Hands, camera batteries and camping gas cartridges... These will warm up anything!

Although single-use heaters have their fans, the Savotta hand warmer model is more ecological as you can reactivate them time after time. When you activate a heater bag, it will give warmth (approx. 45°C) for about one hour. As the chemical reaction takes place, the bag will turn from gel-like to rather stiff and the contents will turn opaque. Great for keeping your hands warm, or warming camera batteries etc.

  • Use: press the activator you can see inside the gel bag
  • How to reactivate:
  • 1: submerse the bags in boiling water and wait until the contents turn clear (6 to 8 minutes)
  • 2: take bags out with a spoon or something similar
  • 3: let cool
  • 4: ready to go!

Sometimes a bag will activate inside its original package. You can recognize an activated bag by its opaque looks and stiff structure. To solve the situation, just follow the regular reactivation procedure.

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Experts at your service - helping is our profession!

Customer service
+358 10 3970 590, we're open on working days from 9am to 5pm and from 10am to 2pm on saturdays (GMT+2/3)

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