Savotta Torrakko 2.5 M05

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Hunting pack with excellent quality and detail.

Order yours now! The Torrakko 2.5 packs with M05 camo pattern are expected to arrive again in 05/2020. We will deliver the packs in the order of customer orders.

Savotta Torrakko - Hunting pack with excellent quality and detail.

Finnish made, this pack comes with a raincover that protects both the pack and the weapon. With enough room for a rifle with its large scope attached, you can use this pack to carry your gun from home to the hunting grounds, without the need for a separate gun bag (applies to use in Finland, check your local rights).

  • Made of tough polyester fabric
  • Compression straps help keep the weapon and other gear in check
  • Narrow shape makes for snag-free operation
  • Shoulder straps are padded but thin enough to work in a shooting position
  • Main compartment has a cinch cord and flap structure for simple, reliable and quiet function
  • Long zipper on both sides of main compartment enable unparalleled access
  • Weapon compartment is located between the main compartment and rear padding, measurements 85 x 25 x 9 cm
  • Rain cover attaches to the pack with zippers and covers the gun completely
  • Ample adujstments at shoulder and hip straps
  • Two year material and manufacturing guarantee
  • Included: mesh bag for game
  • Made in Finland

Torrakko is a slightly comical byword for a firearm in Finnish. It carries the same sort of feel as “boom stick” does in English.