Rhinoc Sport Sports Gear Fresh 150ml

Probiotic power: anti-odour product for sports gear and apparel.

Some gear and apparel is not washing machine safe and can develop an unpleasant stench. This Sports Gear Fresh product can be used on shoes, skiing boots, skates, gloves, helmets, headwear, sport bags etc. Can be used both preemptively and after the product has started to stink. Start with a 3 to 5 day “burst”: spray the product once every day for 3 to 5 days. After this maintenance only requires a quick spray after every use. Safe, fast, effective Considerably reduces smells Reduces the risk of infection and mold Suits all materials Biodegradable Package size 150 ml Contents according to E.C. rules: ferment, perfume The bottle is not pressurized. The package may differ from the product image. A part of the profits of Rhinoc Sport product sales are directed to projects that help children in need. Read more from the manufacturer’s website