Rhinoc Sport Performance Sports Wash 500ml

Biodegradable, probiote based sports wash for sportswear.

Probiotes effectively reduce odours and the risk of mold and infection. This liquid is made for sports apparel, shoes, base layers and other clothing. Superb efficiency at low temperatures. Wash with a washing machine or by hand – in the latter case remember to wear protective gloves and do allow let the liquid into your eye. Rinse thoroughly. Strong concentrate: the bottle is enough for approx. 17 washes Package size 500 ml Content according to E.C. instructions: Anionic surface-active substances 5 - 15%, polycarboxylates <5%, phosphonates, <5%, ione-free surface-active substances <5%, enzymes <5%, perfumes, preservatives (fenox ethanol) Safety warning: Contains Subtilisine. May cause an allergic reaction. May cause skin irritation. Causes strong irritation in the eyes. Wash carefully after skin contact. Use safety equipment. Wash your gear before the next use. If the liquid ends up in the eyes: rinse with ample water for several minutes. If the irritation continues, contact a doctor. Present the product description to the doctor. Keep out of reach of children. A part of the profits of Rhinoc Sport product sales are directed to projects that help children in need. Read more from the manufacturer’s website