Primus Microntrail Piezo

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(40.24 €)
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A 90 gram gas stove that fits in a pocket.

Low weight and small packing size don’t have to mean lack of comfort. The Microntrail is a great example: its power adjustment knob is long enough to keep your fingers out of the flames, and its integrated Piezoelectric ignition system is a clear advantage.

  • Best when used for 1 - 2 people
  • Burner power: 2600 W
  • Push-button Piezo ignition
  • Narrow flame is especially suitable for smaller pots with narrow bottoms
  • Lightweight storage bag
  • Height: 68 mm, diameter of pot stands: 133 mm

Make sure to open the valve sufficiently to ensure max. power.

Gas cartridge not included.