Polar H10N Text

Bluetooth and ANT+ heart rate sensor with belt.

Bluetooth heart rate sensor with belt. Compatible with Polar heart rate monitors and Bluetooth Smart 4.0 compatible hardware. You can use it with your Polar monitor or, for instance, your smart phone and the Polar Beat, available for free from the Polar web site. The difference between this H10 N and the original H10 is the added ANT+ compatibility. Text model: the actual belt has text printed on it. Although optical pulse measuring has developed a lot from the first versions, a belt still gives the most accurate and fast reacting heart rate data, as it senses the electric impulses that directly drive your heart. Tip: For the best contact right from the start, wet the skin on your chest instead of trying to wet the hydrophobic contact patches on the belt. Compared to the H9 sensor, this model boasts a one exercise internal memory and a more pleasant Pro Strap belt, complete with a better buckle systme. Can be used with the free to download Polar Beat phone app Comfortable Polar Pro Strap belt Heart rate data available even when swimming, thanks to the 5 kHz data frequency Compatibility: Polar heart rate monitors Other Bluetooth Smart compatible products with heart rate compatibility (Bluetooth 4.0) Other ANT+ compatible products with heart rate compatibility Battery life up to 400 hours of exercise, with an easy to replace CR2025 battery If the unit is not used for a long while, the battery drains slowly by itself. If the sensor doesn’t “wake up” after such a pause, a new battery is a solid guess for what to do first. The firmware of this sensor can be easily updated, and Polar continuously develops its firmware for both heart rate monitors and sensors.