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Mini archipelagos - boat routes from the Archipelago Sea and the western Gulf of Finland

Mini Archipelagos - the book supports and complements the Great Route Book of the Turku Scout-Sissi Harbor Book series, but also works as such for those for whom the route book is already unknown.
The book contains 80 special maps and 20 detailed maps of the Archipelago Sea and the western Gulf of Finland. There are sites in the area where the main depth data from the nautical chart are outside the 10-meter depth curve or are completely missing. Indicative depth curves for shallow (less than about 3 m) and shallow (less than 4 - 6 m) water areas have been drawn on special maps using aerial photographs. With the help of these maps, it is also possible to use boats safely in maze-like and rugged archipelago areas where depth measurements are incomplete. Of course, this information is not complete either, despite its efforts. The passage depth of the boat routes marked on the maps has not been given. They are mainly intended for use on a sailboat with a draft of 2.35 m, unless a lower water depth is mentioned.
The book is not intended for navigation, there are appropriate nautical charts for it. The maps in the book are missing e.g. submarine cables and a large number of nautical chart depth readings. The purpose of the book is to supplement the sea maps in shallow, difficult-to-navigate and deep sea areas and to provide the necessary additional information, without which the areas of the book maps would not be available by boat.
224 pages, size A4, spiral bound, texts in Finnish, Swedish and English. Published in November 2021.
The book has been made in collaboration with Merikarhut - Sjöbjörnarna ry.
© Turun Partio-Sissit ry, 1st edition, 2021