Palladium was founded in Lyonissa, France, in 1920. Originally it manufactured airplane tyres.

In 1947, after WWII, tyre orders dwindled and Palladium started to use its knowhow for making shoes. The durability needed in airplane tyres, and the experience in binding canvas and rubber made for some supple, yet durable shoes.

The shoes were so comfortable and durable, even the French Foreign Legion chose them as their service shoes. Nowadays Palladium footwear is used in daily adventures around the world.

Palladium is a true classic, with a reputation built over more than a hundred years. The iconic Pampa boot has only seen minor tweaks over the years, and Palladium products are still manufactured with the same old philosophy, for serious everyday use.

Palladium strives to develop its production processes, and to use the least environmentally harmful methods available. Palladium uses plentiful recycled materials from the surface fabric to waterproof membranes, and their canvas boots are made with organic cotton.

15 products
Pampa Hi Overcush
Outdoor price
$ 51.69
Palladium Pampa Hi Overcush
Women's army boot style winter boots for dry weather.
Pampa Zip Hi W Wl
Outdoor price
$ 68.95
Palladium Pampa Zip Hi W Wl
Comfortable and warm winter boots for women.
Pampa Shield WP Lth
Outdoor price
$ 86.20
Palladium Pampa Shield WP Lth
Waterproof boots for men.
Pallabrousse Cuff Waterproof
Outdoor price
$ 77.58
Palladium Pallabrousse Cuff Waterproof
Military style, modern functions. Men's sizes.
Pallatrooper Chelsea Waterproof
$ 85.43
Palladium Pallatrooper Chelsea Waterproof
Showy Chelsea boots for men and women.
Pampa Sport Cuff Wps
Outdoor price
$ 102.69
Palladium Pampa Sport Cuff Wps
Unisex shoes from Fall till Spring.
Pampa Hi II Organic
$ 77.58
Palladium Pampa Hi II Organic
Organic cotton and proper rubber soles - showy boots from a legendary manufacturer.
Ace Chukka Workwear
$ 94.05
Palladium Ace Chukka Workwear
Comfy shoes for urban use, sizes for both men and women.
Mono Chrome
Summer Sale
$ 81.93
Palladium Mono Chrome
Fun casual shoes, sizes for both men and women.
Pampa Hi HTG Supply
$ 86.24
Palladium Pampa Hi HTG Supply
Urban styling and great wearing comfort.
Pampa Sc Wpn
Outdoor price
$ 76.79
Palladium Pampa Sc Wpn
Water resistant and insulated Palladium boots.
Pampa Oxford Heritage Supply
$ 81.93
Palladium Pampa Oxford Heritage Supply
Great shoes for everyday wear.
Pallabrousse SC
Outdoor price
$ 86.20
Palladium Pallabrousse SC
Men's waterproof Palladium boots with leather upper.
Women's Pallabrousse
$ 77.58
Palladium Women's Pallabrousse
Women's casual shoes, made with a strong textile upper.
Women's Pallabrousse Hkr WP
Outdoor price
$ 86.20
Palladium Women's Pallabrousse Hkr WP
Waterproof leather winter boots for women.