OrganoTex Wash-in Textile 500ml

Environmentally friendly wash-in impregnation for textile products, including membrane materials.

Many of our textile products are well impregnated when new: water beads beautifully on the surface of the fabric. Use and washes will wear away at this impregnation, but easy to use Organotex products renew the DWR Finish. The impregnation does not impair the breathability of the product. In years gone by, DWR chemicals were quite toxic and harmful. Organotex invests in environmental friendliness and their product line is the winner of the Scandinavian Outdoor Sustainability Award 2018! Can be used for both non-membrane and membrane (Gore-Tex, DrymaxX, Derzimax, eVent, Sympatex, Texapore, etc.) materials Suitable for polyester, polyamide, softshell fabrics, wool, fleece, cotton, acrylic and many fabric blends Biodegradable according to OECD 301C Does not contain fluorocarbons (such as PFAS, PFOS, PFOA), cyclic siloxanes, isocyanates or other problematic chemicals Non-toxic according to CLP Use with a washing machine: First wash the product as usual, without using fabric softener. Leave the product in the machine, add 100 ml of the wash-in liquid in the machine’s detergent compartment when treating one product. For two products, the amount is 150 ml and for three (maximum amount) it’s 200 ml. Run the machine through a short cycle at 30 or 40 degrees depending on the product’s washing instructions. If possible, dry the product at 40 to 70 degrees as this increases the treatment’s effect dramatically. Use when hand washing: First wash the product as usual, then soak it in a mixture with 10 liters of water and 50 ml of the wash-in liquid. Wear protective gloves as the wash-in liquid’s pH may irritate skin.