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Carabiner Slidelock Alu #3
$ 6.88
Nite Ize Carabiner Slidelock Alu #3
A carabiner with locking system, for keeping your keys in check.
Reflective Rope 15m Pack
$ 17.33
Nite Ize Reflective Rope 15m Pack
Reflective cord for use as tent guyline etc.
S-biner Dual#6
$ 8.27
Nite Ize S-biner Dual#6
14 cm double carabiner for hanging gear.
Gear Tie 18" 2-pack
$ 8.62
Nite Ize Gear Tie 18" 2-pack
Two 18" gear ties.
S-biner Dual#3 Aluminum
$ 5.66
Nite Ize S-biner Dual#3 Aluminum
A 7 cm biner for hanging gear.
S-biner Microlock
$ 11.23
Nite Ize S-biner Microlock
A five-pack of small locking biners for organizing small gear.
Gearline 1,2m
$ 26.04
Nite Ize Gearline 1,2m
A strap system with biners for hanging your gear.
Taglit Magnetic Led Marker
$ 13.50
Nite Ize Taglit Magnetic Led Marker
A reflector with led lights.
DoohicKey Alu
$ 6.88
Nite Ize DoohicKey Alu
A mini sized multitool you can carry wherever you go as a key ring.
S-Biner MicroLock 2-pack
$ 7.40
Nite Ize S-Biner MicroLock 2-pack
Two nifty double biners for keeping small items in check.
SlapLit Led Slap Wrap
$ 16.46
Nite Ize SlapLit Led Slap Wrap
Wrap reflector with integrated led lights.
Hitch Phone Anchor and Tether
$ 16.46
Nite Ize Hitch Phone Anchor and Tether
Leash that phone of yours!
S-biner Dual 3-pack
$ 10.37
Nite Ize S-biner Dual 3-pack
A practical biner, three pack.
Keyrack S-biner
$ 6.88
Nite Ize Keyrack S-biner
A key clip for heavy use.
Locker S-biner
$ 12.11
Nite Ize Locker S-biner
A sturdy key holder system with six locking biners.
Financial Tool RFID Blocking Wallet
$ 17.33
Nite Ize Financial Tool RFID Blocking Wallet
Anti-RFID wallet with ten tools and adjustable capacity.
Gear tie 32" 2-pack
$ 11.23
Nite Ize Gear tie 32" 2-pack
Two 82 cm long gear ties.