MSR HyperFlow

A fast and light water filter. Test winner!

With hollow fiber technology and a thoroughly optimized structure, this water filter is the top of the line model in the MSR lineup. Water purification made easy! It is also considerably fast, purifying up to 3 liters per minute. The HyperFlow is part of MSR’s Fast & Light series, and is light to carry around. Filters 99.9999% of bacteria and 99.9% of protozoa Extremely light and small Easy cleaning, no need for tools Quick Connect bottle adapter enables filtering directly into a Nalgene bottle Cartridge life: approx. 1000 liters (depending on quality of filtered water) Effective against protozoa, bacteria and small particles. Does not work against chemicals or virus. Don’t allow your filter to freeze. Water expands as it freezes and may break the filter element.

Product information

  • Weight: 221
  • Measures: 8,3 x 17,8