Molo's journey began with a desire to change the current children's fashion world, which was 2003 less than lively and colorful. Molo wants to make products that are always children's wardrobe favorite products.

Molo philosophy is that children's clothing is designed in terms of the children so that they can express their creativity and personality through clothing. Molo clothing is designed for real-life situations and not just for special occasions. Children need clothes that allow them to move freely, to express themselves openly and explore the world!

10 products
Colder Beanie
$ 13.31
Molo Colder Beanie
Children's wool acrylic mix cap.
Cloudy Jacket
$ 44.26
Molo Cloudy Jacket
Sporty soft shell jacket for children.
Waiton Jacket
Outdoor price
$ 25.73
Molo Waiton Jacket
Waterproof and breathable jacket for children.
Ushi Fleece
$ 62.05
Molo Ushi Fleece
Children's fleece with adorable "mitten pockets".
Ushi Fleece Jacket
$ 31.05
Molo Ushi Fleece Jacket
Children's fleece with adorable "mitten pockets".
Waits Pants
$ 24.79
Molo Waits Pants
Children's rain pants with light liner fabric.
Kite Hat
Outdoor price
$ 13.31
Molo Kite Hat
Wool-acrylic-mix beanie for kids.
Kiddy Hat
Outdoor price
$ 13.31
Molo Kiddy Hat
Children's wool-acrylic beanie.
Niva Shorts
$ 30.97
Molo Niva Shorts
Children's swimming shorts.
Hitch Pants
Club price
$ 38.94
$ 48.74
Molo Hitch Pants
Children's mid-season trousers.