Men's Hiking jackets

Check out our versatile selection of men's hiking jackets. Hiking jackets are classic, highly breathable jackets that offer wind protection and lots of practical pockets. They are generally not waterproof but offer unparalleled comfort in dry weather. Thanks to their long service life and wearing comfort these jackets often end up as favorite jackets even for urban use.
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Vardag Jacket
$ 183.67
Fjällräven Vardag Jacket
Raitti Anorakki
Outdoor price
$ 133.36
Sasta Raitti Anorakki
Kaipak Jacket M
$ 242.38
Fjällräven Kaipak Jacket M
Roihu Trek Jacket Men's
$ 242.38
Sasta Roihu Trek Jacket Men's
Katmai Anorak
Outdoor price
$ 192.07
Sasta Katmai Anorak
Loimu Jacket
Outdoor price
$ 234.00
Sasta Loimu Jacket
Keb Jacket M
Outdoor price
$ 225.62
Fjällräven Keb Jacket M
Skogsö Jacket
$ 250.78
Fjällräven Skogsö Jacket
Anton Jacket
Outdoor price
$ 150.12
Sasta Anton Jacket
Reporter Lite Vest
$ 133.36
Fjällräven Reporter Lite Vest
Habe Ms Jacket
$ 183.67
Lundhags Habe Ms Jacket
Sten Jacket
Outdoor price
$ 150.12
Fjällräven Sten Jacket
Kivikko Jacket
Outdoor price
$ 166.90
Sasta Kivikko Jacket
Authentic Ms Jacket
$ 234.00
Lundhags Authentic Ms Jacket
Pointer Jacket
Outdoor price
$ 200.45
Sasta Pointer Jacket
Tervas Jacket
$ 267.55
Sasta Tervas Jacket
Finnveden Hybrid Jacket
Outdoor price
$ 99.81
Pinewood Finnveden Hybrid Jacket
Luosto + Jacket
$ 242.38
Sasta Luosto + Jacket
Peski Jacket
Outdoor price
$ 393.36
Sasta Peski Jacket