Men's Headwear

Our range of headwear keeps you cozy in searing heat and extreme cold. Breathable, lightweight materials thrive in summer use and offer great moisture wicking properties. For winter use we have a range of caps, hats and beanies and bomber style fur caps. Discover men's headwear.
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Texapore Winter Cap
$ 35.12
Jack Wolfskin Texapore Winter Cap
Winter cap with ear flaps.
Felsenweg Cap
$ 39.51
Jack Wolfskin Felsenweg Cap
A fun winter cap for adults.
Cannes Hat
$ 30.73
Salon Cannes Hat
A marvellously stylish hat with great sun protection.
Senja Cap
$ 43.08
Norrøna Senja Cap
A cap for adults, developed specifically for trail running.
Bora Bora Booney II
$ 28.13
Columbia Bora Bora Booney II
A summer hat with wide brim and great ventilation.
F29 Sports Tech Cap
$ 43.08
Norrøna F29 Sports Tech Cap
A light, sporty cap for adults.
Horizon Hat
$ 26.37
The North Face Horizon Hat
Unisex cap made from ripstop nylon for all kinds of use.
Norval Knit Hat
Outdoor price
$ 35.08
Buff Norval Knit Hat
A warm beanie made of 100% Merino wool.
Summer Sale
$ 30.68
$ 39.47
Sasta Cap
Cotton cap with Sasta logo.
F29 Five Panel Tech Cap
$ 34.28
Norrøna F29 Five Panel Tech Cap
A superlight cap with a fashionable five panel construction.
F29 Flexfit Cap
$ 43.08
Norrøna F29 Flexfit Cap
A stretch cap for adults, with organic cotton as its primary material.
Tradition Hat
$ 35.16
Swix Tradition Hat
Wool blend beanie for adults, great for cross country skiing.
Drisk Beanie Citronella
Outdoor price
$ 26.28
Buff Drisk Beanie Citronella
A traditional model with 100% organic cotton - a beanie for adults.
Vardag Classic Beanie
Outdoor price
$ 30.68
Fjällräven Vardag Classic Beanie
A traditional beanie made of recycled polyester.
Breathable Souwester
Summer Sale
$ 35.08
$ 43.95
Musto Breathable Souwester
A traditional southwestern hat made of breathable membrane material.
Drisk Beanie Pool
Outdoor price
$ 26.28
Buff Drisk Beanie Pool
A traditional model with 100% organic cotton - a beanie for adults.
Essential Fast Dry Crew Cap
Summer Sale
$ 21.09
$ 26.37
Musto Essential Fast Dry Crew Cap
A cap with wind strap.
Outdoor price
Made in Finland
$ 26.28
Superyellow Coast
Cotton beanie for summer use.
Made in Finland
$ 43.86
Superyellow Sailor
A sailor style Merino wool beanie.
Sailor Hat
Summer Sale
$ 61.44
$ 79.03
Salon Sailor Hat
A proper southwestern.
Panda WWF
Outdoor price
$ 31.56
Villawool Panda WWF
An extremely warm Merino wool beanie with support to the WWF.
Made in Finland
$ 35.08
Superyellow Harmaja
Cotton beanie for summer use.
Mosquito Head Net
Summer Sale
$ 11.34
$ 13.97
Sea To Summit Mosquito Head Net
A light and packable mosquito head net with good visibility.
Alpaca Beanie
Outdoor price
$ 52.66
Salon Alpaca Beanie
Alpaca wool beanie for adults.
Mason Hat
Outdoor price
$ 42.11
Peak Performance Mason Hat
A wool beanie for adults
Turn Up Bobble
$ 35.08
Kusan Turn Up Bobble
Bobble hat with fun patterns.
Turn Up Bobble
$ 35.08
Kusan Turn Up Bobble
A warm wool beanie with anti-itch fleece liner.
Nansen Cap
Outdoor price
$ 30.68
Devold Nansen Cap
Wool cap.
Ines Headband
$ 43.86
Superyellow Ines Headband
A warm headband for adults, made of Merino wool.
Kara Beanie
Outdoor price
$ 17.49
Halti Kara Beanie
A light, stretchy beanie for versatile use.
Kiruna Hat
$ 52.70
Fjällräven Kiruna Hat
Traditional narrow rim hat for summer and fall use.
Progress Hat
Outdoor price
$ 17.49
Peak Performance Progress Hat
A thinner cotton beanie from Spring till Fall.
Made in Finland
$ 52.66
Superyellow Caribou
A thick Merino wool beanie.
Sun Hat
Outdoor price
$ 17.54
Jack Wolfskin Sun Hat
A bucket hat for adults.
Suunta Band
Outdoor price
$ 17.49
Halti Suunta Band
A stretch fleece headband for adults.
Dock Worker Recycled Beanie
$ 24.61
The North Face Dock Worker Recycled Beanie
100% kierrätysmateriaaleista valmistettu talvipipo.
Made in Finland
$ 50.02
Superyellow Arctos
A Finnish-made Merino wool beanie.
Made in Finland
$ 50.02
Superyellow Kide
Finnish-made 100% Merino wool beanie.
Myrviken Headband
$ 15.74
Lindberg Myrviken Headband
A fleece lined headband with reflective fibers.
Lobonäs Headband
$ 15.74
Lindberg Lobonäs Headband
A warm headband for adults.
Night Light
Outdoor price
$ 17.49
Lindberg Night Light
Winter hat with traditional looks and reflective stripes.
$ 57.05
Superyellow Norden
A very warm beanie made of Merino wool.
Muje Beanie
Outdoor price
Made in Finland
$ 35.08
Sasta Muje Beanie
High quality Merino beanie.
Made in Finland
$ 43.86
Superyellow Beacon
Merino wool beanie made in Finland.
Made in Finland
$ 46.50
Superyellow Kjempe
Merino wool hat
$ 41.31
Villawool Inglewood
A traditional wool beanie.
$ 17.58
Villawool Saaremaa
A nice Merino wool cap with cotton liner band.
Made in Finland
$ 48.25
Superyellow Polar
Wool mix beanie with polar bear logo.
Betula Beanie
Outdoor price
$ 26.28
Haglöfs Betula Beanie
Stretch fleece beanie.
Schooner Bank Cachalot
Summer Sale
$ 20.18
$ 26.32
Columbia Schooner Bank Cachalot
Cachalot with solid side walls.
Est. 1960 Cap
$ 48.30
Fjällräven Est. 1960 Cap
High quality cap, made of polyester cotton.
Classic Knit Hat
$ 43.91
Fjällräven Classic Knit Hat
Merino wool power
Traviso Beanie
Outdoor price
$ 26.28
Halti Traviso Beanie
A Finnish-made wool blend beanie for adults.
Ålberga Balaclava SR
$ 26.28
Lindberg Ålberga Balaclava SR
Merino wool balaclava for adults.
Saame Headband
Made in Finland
$ 32.44
Superyellow Saame Headband
Merino wool headband.
Merino Hat Denim
$ 26.28
Buff Merino Hat Denim
A thinner hat for Merino lovers.
Merino Hat Grey
$ 26.28
Buff Merino Hat Grey
A thinner hat for Merino lovers.
Expedition Balaclava
$ 51.86
Devold Expedition Balaclava
A warm balaclava made of 100% merino wool.
Mosquito Head Net
$ 13.15
Cocoon Mosquito Head Net
Packable bug net.
Lauparen Beanie
$ 30.77
Devold Lauparen Beanie
Merino wool sports beanie for many uses.
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