Maloja Mask Kids Bhutan Flower

A ViralOff treated mask for children.

Note! This mask is not intended to filter out viruses from the air you breathe in. This mask is predominantly made to protect others from the tiny droplets you excrete. The ViralOff treatment used in this mask reduces noro virus, a influenza virus, bird flu virus and SARS virus by 99% over 2 hours. This treatment has not been tested for effects on the corona virus that caused the CoVid19 pandemic. ViralOff is not permanent - it wears off at around 20 washes. Even after this, however, the mask help protect others. High enough, with bellows to enable a great fit over the nose and under the jaw Highly air permeable polyester material on the surface and liner A droplet filter between the fabrics A metal strip on the ridge of the nose The straps go behind your head, not your ears Machine wash at 40 - 60ºC Made in Europe Remember that the mask needs to be worn in such a way that it covers your nose as well as the mouth.