Madshus is a top-notch ski manufacturer from Biri, Norway, just south of Lillehammer. Martin Madshus started the company in 1906 and the brand got its first Olympic gold medal in 1928. For centuries, skiing was the most practical way of getting around in the forests and mountains of Nordic countries and the intrinsic knowledge of what a good pair of skis is like is easy to see in Madshus products.

For racers and leisure skiers alike, Madshus skis are a great and reliable choice. When shopping online, just tell us your weight and length and our ski experts will choose the perfect pair for you. Each pair of skis has slightly different stiffness performance and it’s crucial that you get ones that suit your weight.

Madshus skis are a common sight not only on ski tracks but in the backcountry as well. This is where true old-fashioned cross-country skiing was born and where Madshus skis thrive. Legendary Glittertind skis are always a great choice in mountainous regions and the product range is wider than ever.