Ledlenser P3 Core

A reliable and very compact flashlight, powered by one AAA battery. Maximum output 90 lumens.

When there is no need to illuminate an entire open field and you also value an affordable price and reliable quality, the P3 Core is a good option. Genuine Ledlenser at a reasonable price! Maximum output with a new battery: 90 lumens Lower power setting: 15 lumens for close work Infinitely adjustable beam width (Advanced Focus System) One AAA battery as power source, you can also use a separately available rechargeable AAA battery Maximum operating times measured according to the ANSI standard: 3h with the higher power setting and 6h with the lower one. In the ANSI test, the battery life time is measured until only 10% of the original power is left.

Product information

  • Max. output in Lumen: 90
  • Weight: 39
  • Measures: 100 x 20 mm