Maximize safety, minimize impact on environment – choose Klättermusen.

Started off as a DIY style attempt at creating the best possible clothes and gear for mountaineering, Klättermusen has risen to be a firm favorite for those who like to spend their free time in the mountains and fells. Reliable apparel with great detail made for real use in demanding conditions. Klättermusen has also created new materials in cooperation with textile manufacturers, making for excellent performance. The brand also designs its products in such a way that they can be repaired when needed - something many manufacturers fail to do.

14 products
Mysse 3.0
$ 52.78
$ 75.41
Klättermusen Mysse 3.0
Windproof and waterproof cap for demanding conditions.
Heidrun 2.0 Shorts
$ 248.39
$ 310.49
Klättermusen Heidrun 2.0 Shorts
Down shorts.
Atle 2.0 Jacket
$ 310.49
Klättermusen Atle 2.0 Jacket
Lightweight down jacket for men.
Balderin Jacket
$ 292.74
Klättermusen Balderin Jacket
Wool plus windproof panels – sheer luxury.
Allgrön 2.0 Jacket
$ 487.91
Klättermusen Allgrön 2.0 Jacket
Made for year round use. Men's three layer shell.
Bore 2.0 Jacket
$ 434.68
Klättermusen Bore 2.0 Jacket
Top class down for demanding use.
Gjord Stretch Belt 2.0
$ 35.49
Klättermusen Gjord Stretch Belt 2.0
Simple, comfortable stretch belt.
Megingjord Stretch Belt
$ 39.92
Klättermusen Megingjord Stretch Belt
Stretch belt with gear loop.
Eir Beanie
$ 27.94
$ 39.92
Klättermusen Eir Beanie
Merino wool and silk: pure luxury.
Gere 2.0 pants
$ 239.51
Klättermusen Gere 2.0 pants
Tough trekking pants with stretch. Men's sizes.
Durin 2.0 Pants
$ 443.55
Klättermusen Durin 2.0 Pants
Extremely rugged three layer shell trousers.
Freke 2.0 Salopette
$ 567.74
$ 709.68
Klättermusen Freke 2.0 Salopette
Perfect shell trousers for dog sledding and other demanding winter use.
Skoll Zip
$ 266.13
Klättermusen Skoll Zip
Wool fleece jacket for men.
Brede 2.0 Jacket
$ 709.68
Klättermusen Brede 2.0 Jacket
An extremely tough shell for ski tours, dog sledding and such.