Katadyn Hiker Pro

Light and easy to use filter.

Renewed for 2019, now lighter than ever! A reliable, easy to use water filter for 1 to 3 person use. As part of the Back Country series of Katadyn, this filter combines compactness and real-world filtering power. Filters bacteria, protozoa, spores, algae, cysts and sediment Easy to maintain in field conditions 0.2 micron filter size in the fiber glass filter Active carbon filter reduces odor and taste and gets rid of some chemicals Filter life: 1150 liters depending on quality of water Box includes: Hiker Pro filter Prefilter Prefilter housing A float for keeping the prefilter off the bottom of a lake or river Two hose sets Easy Fill bottle adapter Pack sack plus a ziplock bag for the outlet hose Cleaning sponge 3 gram tube of silicone lubricant for o rings Don’t allow your filter to freeze. Water expands as it freezes and may break the filter element.

Product information

  • Measures: 16,5 x 7,6 x 6,1 cm
  • Weight (minimum): 233
  • Trekking days
  • Weight: 325