Care instructions for technical garments

Membrane clothing and softshells

A high quality membrane garment will stay in shape when washed correctly. Membrane clothing consists of three parts: surface fabric, membrane and liner. The membrane is what keeps the weather out, while the surface fabric and liner material are there primarily to shelter the membrane and create user comfort and convenience. The surface fabric is practically always impregnated - this is seen in a new piece of clothing as water forms droplets on the fabric. The membrane has millions and millions of tiny pores, enabling water vapor to pass, while keeping water outside.

Washing tips for membrane and softshell clothing:

  • Check the garment's labels for the correct washing temperature
  • Wash with a membrane and softshell detergent
  • Wash garments right side up, with all zippers closed
  • The detergent package will give you information on how much to use
  • Don't use fabric softener
  • Don't use bleach or other whitening chemicals
  • Don't use the centrifuge when washing membrane clothing
  • Every couple of washes, use membrane garment impregnating products or softshell garment impregnating products
  • Some membrane garments can be put in a tumble drier to reactivate their impregnation. Check your garment's labels to see if tumble drying is allowed.

Base and mid-layer garments

Synthetic base and mid layer garments benefit from regular washing. Follow the washing info on each garment. Avoid using fabric softeners or fabric whiteners (bleach).

Wool base and mid layer garments don't need washing nearly as often as synthetic ones. All wool base and mid layer garments in our range are machine washable. With wool garments it's important to make sure of a couple of things:

  • Read the garment's labels and follow their washing instructions
  • Use the wool or fine wash program
  • Don't use the centrifuge
  • Only use wool detergent

Using a wool detergent is gentle on your garments, thus ensuring you'll be able to enjoy them for a long time!