Icebug Overshoe

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Protective covers for studded shoes. For indoor use.

Icebug Overshoe - Rubber protectors you can wear with your studded shoes when popping in for a bit of shopping. Studded shoes can be troublesome for you and floor surfaces - the Icebug Overshoe can save the situation! Size ranges are reported in US sizes. If your Icebug shoes are, for example, size 8.5, please choose size 8-9.5 Overshoes. US 4–5½ (USL 5½–7) = EUR 36–37,5 US 6–7½ (USL 7½–9) = EUR 38–40,5 US 8–9½ (USL 9½–10½) = EUR 41–42,5 US 10–11½ = EUR 43–45,5 US 12–13 = EUR 46–47 The Icebug Overshoe is meant to protect floor surfaces in the sort of temporary use indoors you might experience when shopping for groceries. They are not meant for covering distances in outdoor use. The package naturally contains a pair of Overshoes, so you only need 1 “product” to cover both shoes. In the photo this product has been attached to a model shoe. Shoe not included in the product. Grip devices harm several floor materials and can be dangerously slippery on stone and metal floor elements - only use them outdoors. Always tread carefully in slippery conditions, despite using grip devices.

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