Hövding 3 airbag-helmet

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Great crash protection for urban cyclists who value their hairstyle as well as safety. Is it a helmet? Is it an airbag? It's the Hövding.

This item cannot be delivered to countries outside of the European union because of restrictions in airfreight. Since Hövding is CE marked only we are not able to sell or ship outside of Europe nor are we able to support you or your Hövding if you reside outside of Europe. We don’t recommend anyone using it outside of Europe since it is CE marked only and not approved for other markets. https://hovding.com/faq/hovding-3-faq/#q7756 The Hövding is made for urban cycling. It doesn’t look like much, just a collar really, but if you end up in a crash, it deploys a bit like an airbag, giving your head excellent protection. Unlike an airbag it remains filled for 6 seconds, just in case you are unfortunate enough to first collide with a car and then to the ground. The real “magic” is in the electronics controlling the inflation: sensors follow your movement 200 times per second, continuously comparing them to a data base collected from bicycle crashes and falls. When the processor recognizes a crash or fall, it deploys the bag. In tests conducted by the university of Stanford, the Hövding was found to be up to eight times more protective than regular bicycle helmets. When deployed, it offers both neck stabilization and excellent, soft impact cushioning This new model is “one size fits all”, with a head circumference range of 52-59cm and neck circumference range of 34-45cm. Adjusment is fast and easy with a Boa system. Collar: waterproof and dirt repellent fabric, with front zipper for easy on and off On/off switch: remember to switch the Hövding on as soon as you are on your bike, and off as soon as you step off it Internal battery, easy to charge with the included usb cable (not compatible with Windows 8 or 8.1) Battery run time: 15 hours of cycling CE approved The Hövding is single-use: once it is triggered, it cannot be used any more. Some insurance companies cover part of the expense of a new Hövding after an accident. Check to see if this is the case with your insurance company. The product must only be used in urban and trekking cycling. Do not wear when mountaing biking, bmx riding, trails riding, bicycle trials, jumps, tricks, unicycling, tandem riding, walking, riding a moped or any other sport either. The product recognizes crashes with the help of a database of bicycle crashes, and does not protect you in other types of crashes.