Established in 1976 Halti is now one of the most esteemed sports brands in Finland. According to the founder, Juhani "Jussi" Hyökyvaara "the clients wanted a full range of sport-specific clothing and equipment."

At first, Halti concentrated mainly on camping, hiking, and hunting. In the mid-1980s, when camping lost some of its attraction, the supply of clothing and accessories for other kinds of outdoor sports was increased. Today, the supply of Halti products comprehensively covers the whole spectrum of sports; Alpine skiing, golf, cross-country skiing, biking, snowboarding, climbing, and hiking. Also in other seasons, those exercising different kinds of sports can rely on Halti's knowledge of sports clothing and equipment.

Halti products are intended for the serious exercisers of different sports. Halti invests heavily in product development, so as to make the outfits and equipment meet with the sportsmen's wishes and needs. Sport-specific testing related to product development has naturally expanded to also cover other types of partnership; Halti acts as an official sponsor for top names in different sports with regard to clothing. Important co-operation partners include, among others, Alpine Ski Team Finland, Finnish Ski jumping and Nordic Combined teams, golfer Minea Blomqvist and adventurer Patrick "Pata" Degerman.

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