Sun Glasses

A safe choice – all sun glasses in our range protect your eyes from both UV A and UV B rays. What does all this "Cat 2" stuff mean? Sun glass lenses have a rating system, where lenses are given a number representing their glare protection level. Category 1 lenses, for instance, are almost clear and are meant for dim and cloudy conditions. Read more...
Category 2 lenses have moderate glare protection but also work in overcast conditions. Category 3 lenses are a good choice for the height of summer, and Category 4 lenses are so dark they are not recommended for road traffic use, making them perfect for use around water and snow, where the sun shines both from the sky and as a reflection. Polarizing lenses are especially good for use around water, as they cut down much of the glare from the water surface and on the other hand enable you to see through the surface glare – a useful thing when fishing, for instance. Photochromatic lenses darken automatically depending on conditions: the brighter your surroundings, the darker the lenses get. These lenses have have their own ranges: one lens type can go from Cat 1 to Cat 3, another one from Cat 2 to Cat 4.
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