Pillows, sheets and other accessories

A pillow brings a touch of luxury to a night out - it takes about as much space as a tennis ball in your pack and performs equally well every night, as opposed to a lumpy bundle of spare clothing under your head. Sleeping bag liners reduce the need to wash your sleeping bag and also boost the bag's temperature rating by some degrees. On your summer outings and in travel use a sleeping bag liner can also double as a super light sleeping bag in itself.
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Air-Core U-shape New
$ 29.60
Cocoon Air-Core U-shape New
$ 75.36
DD Hammocks Underblanket
Midnight Magic Sleep Mask
$ 21.17
Cabeau Midnight Magic Sleep Mask
Coolmax Travel Blanket
$ 39.75
Cocoon Coolmax Travel Blanket
Permanent Home Repair Kit
$ 12.71
Thermarest Permanent Home Repair Kit
Mummy liner, cotton
$ 27.90
Cocoon Mummy liner, cotton
Travel Sheet Silk
$ 84.63
Cocoon Travel Sheet Silk
Mummy liner, Coolmax
$ 50.77
Cocoon Mummy liner, Coolmax
Liner Egyptian cotton
$ 33.83
Cocoon Liner Egyptian cotton
Sleeping bag liner Egyptian cotton
$ 39.71
Cocoon Sleeping bag liner Egyptian cotton
Liner Microfiber
$ 23.67
Cocoon Liner Microfiber
Silk Mummy Liner
$ 92.30
Cocoon Silk Mummy Liner
Valve Repair Kit, Winglock
$ 16.85
Thermarest Valve Repair Kit, Winglock
Universal Couple Kit
$ 12.62
Thermarest Universal Couple Kit
Universal Valve Adapter
$ 8.38
Exped Universal Valve Adapter
Classic Valve Repair Kit
$ 12.71
Thermarest Classic Valve Repair Kit
Eye Shades DLX
Outdoor price
$ 15.16
Cocoon Eye Shades DLX
Travelsheet Cotton
$ 32.94
Cocoon Travelsheet Cotton
Pillow Pump
$ 42.25
Exped Pillow Pump
Sheet Microfiber
$ 24.48
Cocoon Sheet Microfiber
BlockerLite Pump Sack
$ 46.48
Thermarest BlockerLite Pump Sack
Versa Pillow M
$ 27.86
Exped Versa Pillow M
Down Wash
$ 10.92
Nikwax Down Wash
Versa Pillow L
$ 29.56
Exped Versa Pillow L
Silk Hooded Liner
$ 67.70
Rab Silk Hooded Liner
Ultra Pillow L
$ 33.79
Exped Ultra Pillow L
Ultra Pillow M
$ 31.25
Exped Ultra Pillow M
Liner Merino Wool
$ 104.15
Cocoon Liner Merino Wool
$ 21.08
Kaira Lämpöpeite
Air-core Pillow
Christmas Selection
$ 19.39
$ 25.32
Cocoon Air-core Pillow
Air-core Hood Camp Pillow
$ 33.79
Cocoon Air-core Hood Camp Pillow
Travel Sheet Silk
$ 84.59
Cocoon Travel Sheet Silk
Thermolite Reactor Extreme Liner Long
$ 76.13
Sea To Summit Thermolite Reactor Extreme Liner Long
Air Evolution
$ 21.17
Cabeau Air Evolution
Evolution S3
$ 42.25
Cabeau Evolution S3