Swimming and diving

Diving gear with expertise, from Ursuit, Ursuk and Aqualung. For specific questions on diving gear, our expert is Jarkko Nieminen (tel. +358 10 3970525).

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Maskihihna Leveä
$ 6.97
Technisub Maskihihna Leveä
Mask Strap Neoprene
$ 8.70
Ursuit Mask Strap Neoprene
Mask strap.
Wind -räpylät
$ 43.55
Aqualung Wind -räpylät
Compact and light flipper.
Weight belt with metal buckle
$ 8.70
$ 13.93
Ursuit Weight belt with metal buckle
Weight belt with metal buckle.
$ 40.07
Aqualung Express
Snorklaus ja halliräpylä, jäykempi kuin Caravelle.
$ 43.55
$ 101.03
Aqualung Mahe
Miesten 3mm lyhyt vesiurheilupuku.
Air Dry Vent
$ 30.49
Technisub Air Dry Vent
Snorkel with dual purge valves.
Neoprene Glove 3 mm
$ 18.23
$ 26.04
Ursuit Neoprene Glove 3 mm
Neoprene gloves for great dexterity.
Mouth Piece Comfobite
$ 13.93
Aqualung Mouth Piece Comfobite
$ 505.16
Seaquest Balance
Buoyancy compensator.
Look linssi
$ 39.19
Technisub Look linssi
Perscription lenses for the Technisub Look goggles.
Titan LX supr. 300
$ 173.32
$ 370.16
Aqualung Titan LX supr. 300
$ 80.13
Suunto SM-16/45m
A reliable and accurate depth meter.
Kaulamansetti Neopreeni
$ 29.61
Ursuit Kaulamansetti Neopreeni
Neoprene neck seal for Ursuit dry suits.
Impression Mask
$ 64.45
Aqualung Impression Mask
Mask with wide-angle view.
$ 34.75
Aqua Sphere Stingray
Children's light swimsuit made of 2 mm neoprene.
Bali full lady
$ 86.23
$ 132.39
Aqualung Bali full lady
Naisten 3mm vesiurheilu/sukellus märkäpuku.
Bali full
$ 86.23
$ 134.13
Aqualung Bali full
Miesten 3mm vesiurheilu/sukellus märkäpuku.
Kayenne Women's Mirrored
$ 34.84
Aqua Sphere Kayenne Women's Mirrored
Women's swimming goggles with mirror lens. 100% UV protection.
Kayenne Jr
$ 19.16
Aqua Sphere Kayenne Jr
Swimming goggles for kids.
Vista Lady
$ 33.10
Aqua Sphere Vista Lady
Swimming goggles for women with dark lenses. Wide frame for great waterproofness.
Kayenne Lady Blue Lens
$ 26.13
Aqua Sphere Kayenne Lady Blue Lens
Swimming goggles for women. Blue lenses.
$ 26.13
Aqua Sphere Kayenne
Swimming goggles for men.
Zipper for diving dry suit
$ 126.30
Ursuit Zipper for diving dry suit
Waterproof zipper for Ursuit diving suits.
thermocline 5mm käsine
$ 24.39
Aqualung thermocline 5mm käsine
Neopreenikäsine sukellus ja vesiurheilukäyttöön.
$ 81.00
Aqualung Micromask
Pieni ilmatilavuuksinen maski laitesukellukseen ja vapaasukellukseen.
Cordura BZ
$ 1,471.07
Ursuit Cordura BZ
A traditional diving suit for demanding use such as wreck and cave diving. Back zipper.
Cordura RedQ
$ 1,646.13
Ursuit Cordura RedQ
A dry suit for demanding cave, wreck and rescue diving.
Cordura FZ
$ 1,559.03
Ursuit Cordura FZ
A durable, professional grade diving suit with front zipper.
Silikonivoide 20gr
$ 9.58
Aqualung Silikonivoide 20gr
Silikonivoide O-renkaille
Heavy wheel
$ 234.30
Ursuit Heavy wheel
Suuri varustelaukku sukellusvarusteille
$ 10.45
Ursuit Aquasure
Aquasure-neopreeniliima, minituubi 2x7g.
Moby Kid
$ 13.07
Aqua Sphere Moby Kid
Swimming goggles for kids.
Eagle Optic Lens
$ 10.45
Aqua Sphere Eagle Optic Lens
Prescription lense for Eagle swimming goggles.
Vista Jr
$ 23.51
Aqua Sphere Vista Jr
Leveällä, erittäin tiiviillä kasvotiivisteellä varustetut uimalasit lapsille.
Eagle Clear
$ 32.23
Aqua Sphere Eagle Clear
Swimming goggles which can be equipped with perscription lenses.
Mahe lady
$ 43.55
$ 100.16
Aqualung Mahe lady
Naisten 3mm lyhyt vesiurheilupuku.
River shorty
$ 43.46
Gerber River shorty
A classic diving knife with a dull point.